Yeti DNS Project Phase-2
--A Live IPv6-only Root DNS Server System Testbed


“One World, One Internet, One Namespace” is the essence for the success of today’s Internet. The top level of the unique identifier system, the DNS root system, has been operational for 25+ years. It is pivot to make the current Internet useful. So it is considered somewhat ossified for stability reasons. It is hard to test and implement new ideas evolving to a more advanced level to counter challenges. To benefit the Internet development as a whole, Yeti Project is founded to build a parallel experimental live IPv6 DNS root system to discover the limits of DNS root name service and deliver useful technical output. Note that Yeti is not providing alternative name space… More

Yeti Phase-2

The Yeti Phase-2 project is based on a P2P network and designs a new decentralized distributed DM system.

The system design has the following characteristics:

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As project coordinators we are keen to invite interested authority name server operators, recursive name server operators, individual researchers to contact us by e-mail:

Project are placed in a repository in GitHub: Yeti-Project

There is a discussion mailing list for project participants, reachable here: Yeti-discuss