The Yeti DNS workshop is an annual meeting with reports and discussions of root DNS services, DNS tools based on experiences from the testbed and experiments in the Yeti DNS project. The first Yeti DNS workshop was held before Yokohama IETF meeting in 2015. The second Yeti workshop will be held before Seoul IETF meeting in this November. Now the venue and time is secured and we would like call for participation for people who are interested in Yeti and related topic. The detailed information of this workshop is as follows:

Date: Saturday, November 12, 2016

Time: 13:00-18:00 UTC+8 (04:00-09:00 UTC)

Location: Conrad Seoul, Studio 1-6F (IETF 97 venue)

Host: Beijing Internet Institute

Sponsor: Yeti Coordinators

Remote access (need to Download a software for the first time)

Draft agenda

-Welcome address
-Notes on software construction and reliability for privately signed root zones(Paul Vixie)
-Invite talk: IDN introduction and current status(Marc Blanchet)
-Yeti DNS Project status and development (Davey Song)

Coffee break

-IPv6 issues in Yeti(Akira Kato)
-Yeti experiment, findings and software development (Shane Kerr)
-Invite talk: Entrada Introduction (Moritz Mueller)
-TBD: a Vendor's presentation on Yeti participation
-Open discussion

Yeti Root DNS testbed has been running for more than one years with joint effort of Yeti community. Now the system is composed of 25 NS servers for root zone and attracted IPv6 traffic from interested parties and individuals, like Universities and labs. Some alternative operation models have been experimented, like Multiple-DM, Multiple-ZKS, Big ZSK and KSK rollover, etc.

We also call for presentations from Yeti operators and researchers. Topics outside of the Yeti DNS project itself are also appropriate, if they are related to DNS in general.

Note: Please send a mail to Yeti coordinators if you are interested to attend the workshop. It will help better preparation of the workshop. Thanks!

The Floor plan for Yeti DNS Workshop