Yeti DNS Project
--A Live Root DNS Server System Testbed

Yeti Project monitoring status

Yeti Root Server Status Check

* The Yeti server status check is built on RIPE NCC Atlas platform:

* Nagios alert is integrated with Atlas measurement to report event automatically.

Protocol requirement
Protocol Requirement Test Result

* DNS Root Name Service Protocol requirement is described in section 2 of RFC7720

* N/A : Server timeout

Yeti Root Zone Consistency Check
Root ZONE Record Expected value Test Result

* N/A : Server timeout

Yeti Root Server Query&Response
* Since only IPv6 user can reach Yeti root, we provide a web interface for IPv4-only people to look at the query and response
Yeti root zone diff with IANA

IANA Root Zone File: AXFR from

Yeti Root Zone File:

Compare Zone File :

  • strip all NSEC and RRSIG records
  • sort all RRs by NAME
  • diff the two zone files
  • the expect result is only apex record is different, include (root zone SOA , NS RRs, Glue RRs, DNSKEY RRs),and all TLD data is the same as IANA root zone file