Dear Colleagues,

In October 31st afternoon Yokohama, we held the first Yeti Workshop. There are 25+ participants (including online participants) there and we have a fruitful discussion in Yokohama. Firstly I would like to thank all the workshop participants and speakers who contribute this workshop. Thanks to Akira Kato who helped to find a nice meeting room for us. Special thanks to Paul Vixie, who arrived at Yokohama 2 days ahead to prepare yeti DM setup for the workshop.

Now all slides and record are posted into Yeti website. Please check the links below more information. I would like to quote a saying with consensus here during the workshop:”Yeti project is totoally driven by the community and the peopole”. Please send request, questions, and even push us! It’s a wonderfull experince and hope to meet more Yeti friends again.

Agenda(with slides):

Gotomeeting Audio record of this workshop

I also would like to share some pictures during the meeting.