Recently there were confusions on BII IPv6 public DNS and Yeti DNS within Yeti technical community, and here on behalf of BII would like to reaffirm BII’s perspective on the Yeti DNS Project and BII IPv6 public DNS.

As it is stated on Yeti website, Yeti DNS Project is a parallel experimental live IPv6 DNS root system, aiming for network science and experiment. It is an IPv6-only root server testbed which tests and implements new ideas. There is no connection either in infrastructure, software, operation, or mission, between the Yeti DNS Project, and the BII IPv6 public DNS system, which aims to provide a safe and stable DNS service with low latency and support the transition from IPv4 to IPv6. Meanwhile BII does mirror our IPv6 public DNS system’s traffic to the Yeti DNS Project to support the research activities.

We believe that experience and technics from Yeti is important, and we will keep discovering the limits of DNS root name service and delivering useful technical output with the belief of “One World, One Internet, One namepace”.