Time: 2020/03/29
Participants: Hugo Salgado-Hernánde (via video, Chile); Praveen (India); Pavel Павел Храмцов (Russia); Li Zhen, Kevin Gong, Davey Song, Polo, Zhang Yuancheng, Shine (China)
Moderator: Polo

1. Sessions

  • Opening and Introduction
    Because of the Zoom login issue, Kato-san can’t attend the meeting.
    Due to the impact of COVID-2019, Yeti meeting had been delayed.
  • COVID-19 defense suggestions:
    • Prepare enough stuffs (food, mask, hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol and so on)
    • Stay at home, do not go outside, unless it’s emerengcy.
    • When going outside, you should wear a mask.
    • Wash your hands often and carefully.
  • Decentralized Domain Name System (Li Zhen)
    • P2P network for Fault-tolerant Distribution Master Architecture (FDMA)
  • Distributed HSM (Hugo/Video)
    • new feature: Threshold signing with ECDSA support
    • golang implement for all components
  • Distributed HSM Lab Test (Kevin)
    • Study the technology for FDMA
    • HSM-tools zone sign issue
  • Free discussion
    • What type of P2P network and the details will be discussed in Yeti mailing list

2. Yeti2 Plan for 2020

Yeti phase-2 Fault-tolerant Distribution Master Architecture
a) 2020/4-2020/6 Request for comments and detailed discussion on technology adoption
b) 2020/6-2020/12 Prototype development, test in lab, technical specifications update
c) 2021/1-2021/12 Run on test bed

3. slides share


4. Next Step

1) Comments for Distributed HSM Lab Test
the HSM-tools issue to be confirmed
2) Comments for Yeti phase-2 Decentralized Domain Name System
P2P technology discussion
3) Comments for Distributed HSM
4) Website updates for Yeti-Phase II

Yeti phase-2 is an open technical research with practice project. We look forward to welcome more organizations and individuals to the Yeti phase-2. Please contact coordinators@lists.yeti-dns.org.